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Apply and get the Job - Why you don’t end up being called for an interview

Nowadays most job applications are now online. You found a job ad for an entry position online in ABC Company, with your skills and qualifications. You feel you’re the right person, but ABC Company requires an online application. And if you submit your resume online how can you ensure it gets the attention it deserves?

How to get the right job in Nigeria – Networking tips for job seekers

How many times have you heard the phrase, “It’s not what you know it’s who you know.”? I hear that often. Having the right qualifications, work experience and well written cover are all excellent tools to have while looking for a great job, but there’s one tool that too often gets overlooked, and that is networking to find a job.

How to write a good cover letter? Let's impress hiring manager in Nigeria

You’ve got the right qualification and the skills, you’ve found the job on Job portals and you are ready to apply. The only difficulty you’re having is translating your skills and experience into a blank word document. The text cursor blinks relentlessly, waiting for you to type.