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Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon User Experience Expert Information Technology Lagos State n/a 474,265 NGN
gender_icon Housekeeper Service Industries Imo State n/a 25-34 32,083 NGN
gender_icon Prison Officer Security & Protection Federal Capital Territory Abuja n/a 25-34 48,083 NGN
gender_icon Office Manager Administration Lagos State middle company 35-44 350,000 NGN
gender_icon Account Manager Banking Lagos State n/a 35-44 200,000 NGN
gender_icon Digital marketing specialist Marketing, Advertising, PR Lagos State big company 25-34 9,000,000 NGN
gender_icon Education Specialist Human Resources Lagos State big company 35-44 9,036,250 NGN
gender_icon Administrative Worker, Official Administration Federal Capital Territory Abuja middle company 25-34 150,000 NGN
gender_icon Taxi driver Transport, Haulage, Logistics Lagos State n/a 35-44 262,500 NGN
gender_icon Project Manager Transport, Haulage, Logistics Lagos State middle company 25-34 157,083 NGN