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10% 66K NGN
90% 172K NGN
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Description of job position

  • Mounting, powering up and positioning the lighting equipment before shooting film, theatrical performance, television broadcasting, concerts etc.
  • Floodlighting the scene as directed by the main lighting technician and director.
  • Operating the lighting fixtures (focusing, dimming, lighting effects etc.).
  • Dismantling and packing the lighting equipment.
  • Providing routine repairs and maintenance of lighting fixtures.

Position Lighting Technician - Arts & Culture in the labour market

The job position is
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Women representation in position

Average age of respondent by position

730. place

Nursery School Teacher Assistant - Education, Science & Research

Salary group 1

46354 - 99829 NGN

592. place

Agricultural Equipment Operator - Agriculture, Food Industry

Salary group 2

67262 - 169157 NGN

591. place

Lighting Technician - Arts & Culture

Salary group 2

65957 - 171784 NGN

590. place

Croupier - Tourism, Gastronomy, Hotel Business

Salary group 2

77813 - 156551 NGN

1. place

Chief Executive Officer - Top Management

Salary group 3

224600 - 1035239 NGN