Average gross monthly salary in Nigeria is
10% 63K NGN
90% 160K NGN
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Description of job position

  • Creating a wide range of graphic concepts on the basis of detailed assignments from clients.
  • Incorporating clients’ comments into graphic designs.
  • Transferring drawings from paper to electronic form using a scanner.
  • Setting the final style and colours of drawings in a graphics program.
  • Exporting graphic designs in the desired format.

Position Junior Graphic Designer - Journalism, Printing Arts & Media in the labour market

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Women representation in position

Average age of respondent by position

730. place

Nursery School Teacher Assistant - Education, Science & Research

Salary group 1

46354 - 99829 NGN

640. place

Cabinet Maker - Wood Processing Industry

Salary group 2

74406 - 144059 NGN

639. place

Junior Graphic Designer - Journalism, Printing Arts & Media

Salary group 2

62605 - 159978 NGN

638. place

Independent Advisor - Public Administration, Self-governance

Salary group 2

72424 - 146956 NGN

1. place

Chief Executive Officer - Top Management

Salary group 3

224600 - 1035239 NGN