Average gross monthly salary in Nigeria is
10% 76K NGN
90% 214K NGN
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Description of job position

  • Conducting and evaluating time studies to determine how much time, labour, and machinery is needed to carry out individual work tasks.
  • Determining the amount of time, labour, and machinery needed to carry out various work tasks.
  • Creating work standards and norms.
  • Detecting inefficiencies in the production process and taking measures to eliminate them in the future.
  • Creating new work standards and norms, leading to increased work productivity.
  • Analysing the implementation of labour standards.

Position Production Standard Setter - Production in the labour market

The job position is
in the salary ranking of

Women representation in position

Average age of respondent by position

729. place

Nursery School Teacher Assistant

Education, Science & Research

Salary group 1

46,226 - 99,997 NGN

416. place

Agricultural Engineer, Agronomist

Agriculture, Food Industry

Salary group 2

82,639 - 203,207 NGN

415. place

Production Standard Setter


Salary group 2

75,776 - 213,501 NGN

414. place

Distribution Clerk

Transport, Haulage, Logistics

Salary group 2

71,883 - 219,112 NGN

1. place

Chief Executive Officer

Top Management

Salary group 3

232,131 - 1,023,918 NGN